MyMonero - XMRwallet and Wallet

With decentralization in mind and in order to provide users with more choice, the Monero developer has created a new branded online wallet XMRWallet. “The doors are open,” wrote the author of this project, known in the community as WiseSolution. I am so happy that the work on this site has been completed. It's been a long seven months, but XMRWallet is definitely one of the most memorable projects ever. I have been using the MyMonero wallet for over a year, and I thought I could improve some parts of this algorithm and create many new useful functions. Having another web wallet for Monero will also help decentralize the service. The following features are integrated into XMRWallet: xmr wallet xmr-wallet xmrwallet xmr wallet Instant switching function between menu tabs Fast transactions Instant account creation function Support for ten languages Compatible with MyMonero seeds Automatically updated XMR USD balance

We are currently working on the implementation of additional features, such as access to the assets of the forked projects Monero Classic (XMC), Monero Original (XMO) and MoneroV (XMV) and Twitter account integration. WiseSolution notes that she is incredibly busy at the moment, so any help, feedback and support from the community will come in handy. “I have a full-time job right now, so I can carve out very little time to finish the XMRWallet,” she writes. If you notice any mistakes, please let me know so that I can quickly fix them.